Maurice Tanter, Chicago Tappers League bowler. “I started bowling in college in 1973 at the University of Illinois in Champaign. A group of our friends were blind, and we started bowling on weekends. I was bowling regularly then. Then when I came back to Chicago, I started bowling regularly here. We listen. We can tell when the pins fall. We may have to ask a sighted person, but if you tell me I have six pins standing, I automatically know it’s on the right side of the lane. Sometimes I can tell by the way I release the ball whether it’s good or bad. You can also tell by the sound of the pins. It sounds like . . . I can’t explain it. . . . Like here,” Tanter points toward the sound of a ball rolling slowly, “you can tell that ball’s going to miss.” The ball rolls into the gutter. “Now you can tell that ball,” he points toward the sound of a ball rolling fast and smooth, it’s gonna hit.” The ball in questions hits the pins and they drop. “Only time I’ve missed bowling is when I had to get a guide dog. I missed about a month, but I haven’t missed since.”

Marzano’s Miami Bowl, Chicago.
– Photo by Yvette Marie Dostatni